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Catholic Match Review

Site Name: Catholic Match

Paid or Free: Free trial with ability to search matches, paid account needed to message

Average Sign Up Time: 5-10 minutes

Paid Membership Pricing: Full membership plans start at $12 a month

“CatholicMatch is under the patronage of St. Raphael the Archangel…the patron saint of Catholic singles, happy meetings & healings.”

Whoa! Five stars…really? Yup. When we first started our Catholic Match review, we were immediately immersed in a slideshow of successful matches and marriages that have blossomed from the site. From our experience reviewing online dating sites, it’s always a positive when you can tell that a site cares about the success of its members. Too often, sites worry too much about fancy features that just sound cool and forget that their real goal is helping people find love.

As the site is dedicated towards Catholic singles, it’s great also to see right away that the site is endorsed by A TON of distinguished people within the Catholic faith. Not only is this a positive sign that the site has its priorities straight, but it also really gets them a lot of brownie points on the trust and reliability side of things.

During our Catholic Match review, we found that they do a great job of setting themselves apart as the top choice for Catholic singles looking to date online. The company run by a small group from a small town understands the struggles that those wanting to respect their religious wants and needs face when dating. The bottom line from our review is that if you’re looking for love and your faith is important to you, then you need to check our Catholic Match today.


Incredibly quick and easy sign up

Free trial to see matches (use link below)

Faith-based and centered

Backed by notable Catholic figures


No messaging with free account

Quality Single MatchesAre there good, quality matches on this site?


A site needs three criteria for us to consider them having great matches. They need to have quality people on the site, they need to have a lot of those people, and those people need to have been active recently. One of our favorite features from Catholic Match review was the ability to search based on last activity date. This allows us to quickly see how many matches there are and how recently they’ve been on the site.

We ran a bunch of general searches for different age brackets for different geographical areas that had been active within the last 90 days. Our searches consistently returned thousands of results for wider geographical areas and hundreds of results for tighter geographical constraints. What does this mean? There are A LOT of people that are on Catholic Match that have been active recently.

That’s two out of the three review criteria we need to give them the go ahead. The final we need is for the matches to be quality. Quality to us means that the profiles are filled out, pictures are loaded up, and it looks like the matches are current and care about finding love. One of the best things about Catholic Match is they require you to fill out parts of your profile before you get to the matches.

This means that every profile we saw on there was filled out and most people had added pictures and come back in and really put some work into their profiles. The site knocked it out of the park in regards to quality, and it looked to be people of all different levels of their faith. Don’t worry; all of that is searchable so you can see the specific matches that you are looking for.

Here’s the best part. If you want to see for yourself before you invest your time and money into the site, you can do that with the completely free trial. Just click one of the green buttons on this page, and you will automatically receive the free trial membership.

How easy is the site to use?


One of the best things we loved about Catholic Match right off the bat was that they allow you to create your account using Facebook. Now I know a lot of you are probably saying, “Nope. I’m not linking my Facebook account. I don’t want my friends and family knowing I’m dating online.” Here’s the good news. You have complete control over what goes onto your profile. They also NEVER post to your Facebook wall or anything like that. It’s simply used as a way of saving you the time from having to fill out all the “paperwork” that some other online dating sites require.

The sign-up process for Catholic Match was incredibly easy and quick to get through. At the risk of you thinking we just say this about every site (we promise we don’t), the sign-up process was the best we’ve seen. They keep you posted on how far along you are and the whole thing took under 10 minutes to have a fully populated profile ready to start matching with people.

They also asked some really neat questions about personal habits and religious preferences that we thought were great questions to match someone with. They weren’t your standard stuffy questions that don’t get to the heart of who you are or who your potential mates are.

It took us about six minutes flat to finish our profile and begin searching through matches. Bravo Catholic Match. Bravo.

Navigating the Matches

As we continued our Catholic Match review, we continued to be impressed. Profiles are arranged neatly with all pertinent information organized well. Profiles have a quick view to help you see things fast, a tab for appearance info, a faith-specific section, a background section, photos, and a nice intro from the match about themselves.

Catholic Match Review Profile


They have a ton of different ways for you to search through the matches including a few unique ones we hadn’t seen before. They had a photo collage of all the new photos that had been uploaded to the site that you could click on and then go to that match.

Overall, the interface was slick, things were easy to find, and we had a lot of fun flipping through the site. Whoever designed Catholic Match knew what they were doing and had the ease of use of the end user in mind.

Are there any great features?


We love us some features here as long as they are functional and help to achieve the end goal of finding love. Our Catholic Match review shows that they were great in the features category. They weren’t perfect, but they were great. Let’s talk about what we liked and what we didn’t like from our review.

First, the search function was great. You had instant access (even with the free trial) to search with every parameter you want. You could literally iron out the perfect man or woman for you within the search and see only those specific results.

One thing we’d like to see is the ability to adjust and sort search results in real-time. If you want to change something within your search, you have to use the back button and change it and search again. Some online dating sites will allow you to change with options on a sidebar in real-time. While this is something we like to see, it’s certainly not a deal breaker by any means; we’re just picky.

The photo wall of newly uploaded photos was one of our favorite features. It was a really cool way to see a ton of potential matches really quickly. One quick tip when you use this…it took us a second to figure out how to get to the person’s profile after we clicked on their picture if we were interested. The person’s username and details will be on the top right of the screen after you click on the picture. If you just click on that, it will take you to their full dating profile.

Catholic Match also has a really cool discussion forums section that can be a great way to get conversations started or just interact with other Catholic singles. You will need to have a paid account to participate in the discussion.

Overall, we were impressed with our review of Catholic Match’s features. They had everything you needed, but not too much that it ended up being overkill. They focused on what was important and didn’t over complicate things.

Tell me about the customer support.


Catholic Match has an EXTENSIVE forum for help which is AWESOME to see! We actually sat around trying to come up with questions that they didn’t have covered already and didn’t have much luck. This is great to see. On top of that, they have a community forum for you to ask other members for help.

On top of all of that, they have email support and a help ticket support option available right on the side. This is by far some of the most extensive help options we’ve seen on a site which is, of course, a great sign. Not only is it great if you need help, but it shows you that the people running the site actually care about you and care that you have a great experience.

It’s hard to have any suggestions for them to improve their help sections because it looks like they have everything covered.

Price | How much does this dating site cost?


Now that you’ve made it through our Catholic Match review, you’re probably asking how much money it’s going to cost you to get into the action. The site follows the same cost structure as some of the big dating sites in the industry. They allow you to create a free account and search through matches all that you want. When you want to message someone that you like, though, you do need to purchase one of their paid plans.


Catholic Match Membership Cost to Join

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Premium Membership1 Month$29.95 per month
Premium Membership3 Month$19.95 per month
Premium Membership6 Month$12.99 per month


Pricing wise the site was in line with most of the rest of the industry. For a one month plan, you would be paying just under $30. If you signed up for a three-month plan, you’d be paying just under $20 a month. And if you signed up for their biggest plan which was six-months, you’d be paying just over $12 a month which is very affordable.

The six-month plan also comes with their Catholic Match Guarantee. If you don’t meet someone special within the first six months, they will give you the next six months for free. So, basically, instead of paying $12 a month, you’re actually only paying a little over $6 a month if you don’t hit it out of the park in the first six months. Sites that back up their product with free claims like this get all the brownie points in our book.

Overall, our Catholic Match review left us very satisfied and confident that this site is a great fit for Catholic singles looking for something serious. If your faith is not that important to you or you’re just looking for a fling, this site is probably not going to be a good fit for you.


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