5 Best Quotes About Love and Dating

Quote on a piece of paper

Ready for some light-hearted fun wrapped up with some soul shaking truths about love and dating? We’ve pulled a handful of great quotes about some basic truths that apply to online dating. Whether you’re just in the beginning stages of mingling with other singles online, or you’re chatting intensely with a special love match that you’ve clicked with, these quotes will give you something to think about and perhaps even give you some new personal reflections.

Quote on a piece of paper

Know yourself and who you want

The first quote is from one of William Shakespeare’s plays called Hamlet, and says: “To thine own self be true.” While Shakespeare’s time never saw or even conceived the idea of online dating sites, he did have a deep understanding of the human condition and the many emotions that go into love. To have a wonderful love relationship, you’ve got to first understand yourself and honor the values that you hold most dear.

That perfect match for you is out there

Our next quote about love is “You had me at hello” from the movie Jerry Maguire. While no love match will ever be 100% of what you desire (and is typically only about 80% of your preferred qualities), the realization that someone who really gets you is a quote that makes us melt. The road to finding that perfect single for you can be a long one – this quote encourages that you should not give up, no matter how long you’ve looked or how old you are – the perfect match is out there for you too!

And if you’re really interested in putting this quote to the test, there are some awesome online dating apps out there worth checking out.

Sometimes you can’t control who you love

“The heart wants what it wants” is a sweet love quote by comedian Woody Allen. The right match for you is sometimes in an unexpected place or perhaps by dating out of your normal type. Online dating sites are a great way to meet people that you normally wouldn’t run into in your normal routine. Know what you want, but also be open to dating a partner that’s a little out of your comfort zone.

There’s always another chance for love

One of the best quotes about love comes from writer Maya Angelou: “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.” Encourage yourself in your search for love. Even if you’ve been unsuccessful in matchmaking attempts before, always keep hope that the next single you get interested in could be the one. If you have an unsuccessful video date or chat, keep trying.

People who like you will contact you

Not to be crude, but let’s get real with a quote from author and comedian Greg Behrendt: “‘Busy’ is another word for ‘asshole.’” A potential love match should always make time to contact you if they’re truly interested. Don’t settle for someone that doesn’t value you enough to want to spend time chatting with you. If you’re dating online, look for consistency in the attentiveness a person shows you. Don’t settle for less than you’re worth.

Online Dating Sites to Start Your Search for Love

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Getting Started With eHarmony’s Video Date Feature

eHarmony App Homepage

Dating in the modern age is fun and less intimidating than you might think. No matter if you are new or old to meeting people through online dating, there are a few new tools that can powerfully add to create your best online dating experience possible.

Other than choosing one of the best dating sites in the USA that we’ve shared in our other guides – you’ll want to prioritize finding a site with the features that will help you get results. One of the most effective tools to help you get to know potential matches is the new Video Date feature being offered with any eHarmony paid membership.

eHarmony App Homepage

Video Date is a secure video chat through eHarmony’s mobile app where you get to talk face to face with a potential match that you’ve already connected with through messaging or by requesting a connection through the user’s profile. Read on to find out how to acquire the right membership, how to download the mobile app, and to learn a few quick tips so that you can have the best video chat experience. There are a handful of other online dating sites offering video dating – but eHarmony is definitely the king (or queen) of the Video Date.

Signing Up for A Membership

One caveat to obtaining access to any of eHarmony’s communication features is that you will need to pay for a premium membership. Premium memberships are moderately priced and they offer several different subscription lengths – 6, 12 and 24 month options. Know that eHarmony memberships auto renew before the end of the current subscription term ends.

Sign up for eHarmony is pretty easy, minus the compatibility survey that is quite detailed and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Since a paid membership is required for access to the Video Date feature, you will be required to enter a payment method. eHarmony accepts many different payment types, including all major credit cards and PayPal.

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Installing the Mobile App

In order to utilize the Video Date feature, you’re going to need to download the mobile application to your phone or tablet. Navigate to your mobile device’s application store – this will be either the Google Play or the iTunes store, depending on your device type. Downloading the mobile app takes under a minute. To sign into the mobile app, use the same login credentials that you would use to sign into the regular eHarmony website. You’ll see Video Date in the messaging features of the app, with singles that you’ve already connected with.

Tips About the Video Chat Feature

Once you’ve connected with a potential match through chat, you can choose Video Date right from the messaging interface on the eHarmony mobile app. You can also request a Video Date from the user’s profile with no previous connection, but this isn’t recommended – you wouldn’t just video call someone you’ve never spoken to offline, would you? Always try to connect through chats and winks; and then consider asking if your date wants to video chat with you.

Using eHarmony’s Video Date is always a better experience if you have a good internet connection. Make sure that your mobile device is connected to a wi-fi network with reliable internet, so that your video call has the best quality available. Also, remember that this is a person that you are just meeting “in person” and therefore you should follow the same dating etiquette you normally would – dress nice, be ready to chat and give them your full attention; and don’t give out too much personal information until you verify that you can trust this person.

If you’re ready to check out eHarmony‘s premium online dating community, then sign up for a free trial membership: click the link we’ve provided below to get started in a few simple steps. If you like the site, upgrade so that you can have full communication features and gain access to Video Chat.

Get Started Now!

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Some Additional Resources

If you’re looking for some more information on eHarmony, we’ve got a lot of great resources that can help. Whether you’re looking for the price of an eHarmony membership, an honest eHarmony review, or a breakdown of the eHarmony free trial—you’re in luck. Our team works hard to keep these resources up to date, so that you can make the most informed decision about your online dating plans.

Protecting Your Self Esteem When Dating Online

Happy woman smiling on a train looking out the window

Your most valuable commodity in life is simply… you. How you treat yourself ultimately reflects in your relationships – both online and offline – and the life that you create for yourself. When you treat yourself well, it shows. And a big part of how you treat yourself comes from your inner self-esteem. How do you protect your self-esteem when dating online? Read on for a few essential pointers that will help you to maximize your matchmaking journey while keeping your inner self whole.

Happy woman smiling on a train looking out the window

Focus on if YOU like the person

Sometimes we worry if the other person likes us and this consumes our thoughts, as opposed to honoring your own self esteem and focusing on how you feel about the other person. If you don’t keep balance in your thoughts during online dating, you could end up with someone that doesn’t really match your dating preferences.

Honor yourself first and ask yourself: do I really like this person? Do I like how I feel when I’m talking or with this potential match? Honor your self-esteem and use the powerful tools at hand when you’re using an online dating site. The sites that we recommend all have fun communication methods, like messaging with emojis and even video chat. Use the tools to explore how you feel about the other person and pay close attention to how they react and talk with you.

Know who you are & prioritize self care

If you don’t take care of yourself well, then you aren’t going to have a good self-esteem while dating online. Being whole and ready to meet a potential love partner starts with how well you know yourself, and how well you take care of yourself. Remember the advice “put your oxygen mask on first”? Well, the same goes for online dating – you need to take care of your needs and continue taking care of your needs, regardless of how excited you are to be meeting a potential love match. Don’t lose yourself in the process or you’ll have nothing left of yourself to share with the other person.


Along the same lines as the last point, you must respect your own personal boundaries to maintain your self-esteem while online dating. Some vulnerability is good and necessary to building an intimate love relationship, but divulging personal information too quickly or when there isn’t reciprocation of sharing is not OK.

Before you ever sign up with an online dating site, take some time to reflect on the dating preferences that are most important to you. What parts of your life do you want to remain independent in? What are the “dealbreakers” that you’re not willing to work with? Always keep an open mind and realize that the perfect person will only meet about 80% of your desired preferences.

Make an effort to keep meeting new people

A really excellent way to keep your self-esteem high while dating online is to keep meeting new people, both on- and offline. By having lots of friends and acquaintances, you give yourself a strong base for your life, and you gain people you can trust to give you advice and support when needed. Your ideal love match, if they also have healthy self-esteem, will appreciate that you have a balanced foundation of support.

When you continue meeting people in real life and on online dating sites, you’ll also have a greater pool of potential matches to choose from. You’ll have a greater thermometer to build your own worth from, which in turn increases your personal self-esteem.

Tips for Dating a Musician or Music Fan

Girl composing music in front of an array of neon instruments

Music is a special part of life that can transport your emotions and thoughts to another place. Some people value music more than others do – and finding a love match that shares your love of music can be a happy compatibility factor to share. But how do you find someone in online dating that’s also a musician or a music fan? And are there easy ways to search and match up with another single that is like-minded to your music-infused way of life?

Girl composing music in front of an array of neon instruments

We’ve got some special tips that you’ll want to check out below to make your music matchmaking journey more successful. Follow the suggestions to quickly locate another musical single and to ensure that other people can find you too. 

Tell People You Love Music in Your Profile

The first tip to finding another music fan or musician on an online dating site is by clearly stating that on your own profile biography, which is a short paragraph that’s composed right after sign-up. Let people know what instrument you play, what kind of music you like to listen to, or perhaps who some of your favorite artists are. In addition to being specific in your bio about your music interests, you’ll want to include tags or attributes that communicate this interest. 

Search the Right Way

Online dating sites have super-charged ways of finding potential matches compared to real life dating. Use these powerful tools to make your search successful in a shorter amount of time. Enter your preferred music fan terms into the search bar or see if any music-related attributes are searchable. Some sites have preferred genre checkboxes that are indicated on the single’s profile. Other sites leave a short text paragraph with the prompt question of favorite music or artist.

Searching smart in online dating revolves around you knowing what you’re looking for before you ever go searching. Know how much of a musician or music fan you are; and have a list of your favorite music types, songs, or artists listed for reference. Other singles will list their preferences in many different ways, so you may need a combination of search terms to find the special person you are looking for.

Use the Tools at Hand

A fun feature of online dating that makes sharing the love of music easier is video dating. A video date takes communication and sharing your love of music to a new level of connection. Maybe you want to play a private concert for that special single you’ve been connected with, and now you can. Only a few of the recommended dating sites offer this premium feature, so make sure to consult our thorough guides to find out who’s offering this helpful tool.

Other than just chatting about music, try sharing online videos of music you like to listen to, or even better, share videos of yourself playing your favorite music. It’ll be a great conversation starter and way to connect with a fellow music fan.

Check out our guide to the best dating apps for musicians now!

Dating Site Free Trials to Get You Started

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How to Keep Online Dating Fun

Finding a love match or long-term partner is a serious endeavour. But too much seriousness in your online dating search can ultimately derail your success. How do you find a healthy balance of fun and still keep your focus on finding the very best single that meets your desired preferences? It’s a careful mix of keeping your head on while staying light in conversation, and we’ve got a few tips to keep you on track to successful online matchmaking.

Keep a good attitude

Attitude is truly half the battle in keeping online dating fun. Whether you’re a popular single or whether it takes a little time for you to connect with others, you’ve got to keep your own self-motivation positive. Keep optimistic no matter how long it’s taking you to find that perfect mate – some people get a bad attitude and decide to get off online dating, only to find that they’re also not meeting people offline in real-life dating.

Keep hope and know that there will be that special person for you, it just may take some time. Revamp your own member profile so that it comes off as fun and light – try reading your bio out loud to yourself to “hear” the tone you’ve taken in your word choice and evaluate the information you’ve chosen to share.

Use the Features Designed for Fun

On a premium online dating site, like the ones that we recommend – Elite Singles, Christian Mingle, or eHarmony, to name a few – there’s tons of tools to keep the matchmaking journey fun. One of the most fun features offered are the communication tools. These highly-rated, trusted matchmaking sites include reliable messaging with super fun emojis, because sometimes a text-based message just doesn’t express your feelings very well.

Other helpful features for keeping the interactions fun are available through the mobile dating apps that each of the recommended sites provide at no extra cost to their members, both to free trial and premium, paying subscribers. These mobile app features include push notifications, available on all of the online dating sites; and the video chats, called VideoDate, found on eHarmony. Both of these fun features make your search for love more efficient and more enjoyable.

Push Notifications 

Push notifications is an exclusive feature that all online daters should take advantage of. After downloading the mobile dating app from either the iTunes or Google Play stores, you’ll gain access to this notification tool. Set your push notifications and you’ll immediately be notified of an incoming activity – flirts, messages, or video chat requests. All you need is an internet connection to receive your notices immediately when another single tries to interact with you. Push notifications can be set as an audible notice, like an incoming text message would sound; or as a vibration on your mobile device.

Premium chat

Text-based chatting and video chats are at the heart of having fun while meeting other singles. To gain access to all communication features, you’re going to need to upgrade to a paying subscription. Most online dating sites have several tiers of premium memberships based on length of subscription and possibly the level of features you want. By having a paying membership instead of a free trial account, you can freely message any other member and many sites also have real-time chat rooms.

Some Fun Dating Sites to Try for Free

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Dating Sites vs. Real Life

Cell phone in the bushes with an online dating app on the screen

Dating is a fun experience that usually results in finding the special love you’ve been searching for.  But how do you find the very best singles in your area, and how do you gain access to the most amount of potential partners? That’s where online dating comes into play. With advanced matchmaking technology and easy, secure methods of communication; online matchmakers give you a leg up in finding a successful love match.

Cell phone in the bushes with an online dating app on the screen

How Do the Two Compare? 

Whether you’re new to online dating or just brushing up on your skills, you may be wondering how an online dating site compares to meeting new partners in real life. Authenticity is always a concern, whether online or offline. You might have concerns whether someone you meet on an online matchmaking site. 

Know that if you choose one of the well-known communities, such as Elite Singles, eHarmony, or Match; that these sites are trusted places to meet people and they have an entire team to monitor the authenticity of people joining their sites. Even inactive profiles are removed on a regular basis.

Say you’re sitting at a coffee shop or at a local park, and you spy someone you might be interested in pursuing. How do you know if that person is single or even interested in you, without wasting your time? This is one big advantage in choosing one of the best online dating sites we recommend – there’s no wondering, because everyone on there is available to date (well, unless you’re on an openly stated “married and looking to date” kind of site).

Security and Privacy

Another big advantage of the best online dating sites is security and privacy. These trusted matchmakers have created a secure interface where you can chat (and even video chat, like on eHarmony) without ever handing your personal phone number out. When you’re dating someone in real life, what if you give your phone number out and they turn out to be a total creep, or worse, a stalker? All of the online matchmakers that we recommend have safe communication portals that make communicating easy. No one’s ever had their account hacked. And if you don’t want to talk to someone anymore, you can easily block them.

Location, Location, Location

Perhaps you’re traveling to another state or city, and you’d like to meet someone in that new location. How would you do that with real life dating? Other than if you have friends in that new location to match you up with someone, it’s going to be nearly impossible to initiate a conversation with a possible match if you’re only using real life dating. 

With an online matchmaking community, you can search by keyword for any state or city you’d like to find potential matches in. There are huge amounts of USA singles on each of the trusted online dating sites. You might flirt with a few people in that new locale, and then take it offline once you are ready.

Real life dating may have been the standard of the past, but with the high-paced lifestyle of today, you’re going to need the right tools to find your perfect love match. Consider a trusted online dating site to give you that boost. The sites have 15, 20 years in the online matchmaking business – so they know what they’re doing!

Try Online Dating Now for Free

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What is Ghosting? Online Dating Advice

Cup of coffee with a ghost drawn in it

BooOOOoooo! Ok, we’re not talking about that kind of ghost. We’re talking about people who are either too flaky to have a real relationship with someone, or perhaps they’re unable to just say “I’m not interested in you.” What is ghosting in online dating, how does it typically happen, and how can you use it to your advantage yourself? Read on to learn a little more about this modern phenomenon known as ghosting.

Cup of coffee with a ghost drawn in it

What is Ghosting?

Ghosting is defined as when a person suddenly and unexpectedly cuts off all communication with a person they’ve been seeing. They’ll avoid their messages, flirts, and any other forms of interaction that may have been established, such as on social media accounts. The potential match literally goes silent and becomes unable to be reached by the other party. It’s confusing, frustrating, and a really bad tactic (usually) to use when you’re dating online.

The Truth About Ghosting

There are times while seeing someone that you actually might want to employ ghosting techniques – but be careful because this can not only confuse someone, it can also really hurt someone’s feelings if they genuinely like you. In online dating, there are times when someone comes off as creepy or maybe even abusive. In these going-nowhere-situations is when ghosting is perfectly appropriate to use. Ghost the person in lieu of reporting them to the online matchmaker reporting system, which can always be your next step in removing a total creep from your activity feed.

How Do You Know If You’ve Been Ghosted?

So how exactly do you know you’ve been ghosted? And how much do you have to worry about this happening in an online dating site? While this odd phenomenon does occur, it’s really unlikely to occur, especially if you’re using one of the best dating sites that we recommend, such as eHarmony, Elite Singles, or Christian Mingle. If you’re talking to someone that seems to have a genuine attraction, and you’ve been talking for a little while (like a couple weeks or more), then the odds of being ghosted are really slim.

Tinder-esque Type Dating Sites

On “swipe style” sites that focus on quick-hit connections or if you’ve only chatted a handful of times with someone, the odds of being ghosted definitely go up. Some of these sites don’t verify their members as closely as the more trusted online dating sites, so it’s likely you’ll find people who could be catfishing (a subject for a whole other article!) or potential matches who just aren’t as serious into finding a true love match. If your desire is to find lasting, genuine love; then you need to sign up with a site that has a more long-term theme to their matchmaking.

While even the big name matchmaking sites will sometimes have unreliable, disingenuous people signed up, you’re more likely to find potential matches that share the same intention of creating a genuine relationship. 

Have fun, flirt, and mingle – but always remember that it takes a little while to truly know someone. Use the powerful technology to communicate and get to know someone really well, especially before giving out any personal information. If your chosen online dating site offers video chat, like on eHarmony, then use these additional tools to guarantee that you’ve found a real person who won’t even think to ghost you.

How to Online Date When You Travel Frequently

Girl at the airport

Online dating sites have built a great reputation for themselves to help connect singles, whether you’re in the U.S. or traveling around the world. Many online dating communities have mobile apps that allow you to connect to your account wherever you have a wi-fi connection, and you can chat over that wi-fi connection too, so you’re not spending expensive amounts on data while you’re traveling. Whether you travel frequently or only once in a while, consider the following tips to help you have a successful online dating experience.

Girl at the airport

Choosing an Online Dating Site

First things first – you need to choose the right dating site. And by that, we mean that you need to decide whether you want an online dating community that supports more long-term relationships or a community that supports more of a hook-up lifestyle. Even while you are traveling, you can be building a long-term relationship in any of the locations that you visit – conversely, you could be finding dates in every city you visit (or multiple dates if you prefer).

There are great online dating communities that support both approaches to dating, you just need to choose and then find a quality site. Consider sites like eHarmony, Elite Singles, or Match for more long-term matching; or if you’re looking for the swipe-life, you might choose Tinder, Seeking Arrangement, or What’s Your Price. All of these sites are at the top of their game in terms of the rich singles community offered, and they all have decent membership rates and features.

The Best Dating Sites for Busy Professionals Who Travel A Lot

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You also might consider choosing an international dating app that focuses on matchmaking for that country or ethnicity that you will be visiting. For example, if you are visiting Canada you might get signed up with Elite Singles, or if you are visiting Eastern Europe you might subscribe to Ukraine Date or Russian Cupid.

We’ve got guides on all of the dating communities mentioned, so check out our reviews if you’d like further information on the cost, free trials, or features of the sites. These sites also offer mobile apps for iOS and Android, so you’ll have no problem connecting wherever you may be in the world (unless you’re in some super remote location without the internet!).

Mingling On the Go

Many online dating communities offer fun and interactive chat as part of their subscribing memberships, and these features can be especially helpful if you travel frequently and want to maintain a seamless conversation (or conversations). Some even offer video chat dating, such as eHarmony’s Video Date feature, so you can see your match and interact in real-time, face-to-face.

If you are aware that you are getting ready to travel to a certain location (or locations), you can use the advanced search features to find matches in that new location. Perhaps you travel frequently between the same locations – some dating sites, such as Seeking Arrangement and What’s Your Price, will allow you to enter multiple locations as your home location. There really is a lot of flexibility built into the profiles to allow you to share your travel lifestyle.

Consider Language

Love is really the universal language, and no language barrier will hold back two people who are interested in each other. It’s not so easy when you’re communicating in an online environment and all your getting is blank stares due to a difference in language. Don’t let language hold you back – several online dating sites are now offering built-in translation services, such as in the messaging and chatting interfaces. So when you type a message it automatically translates to their language and vice versa.

If the online dating community that you’re signing up with doesn’t have built-in translation features, then don’t fear. There are several free translators available online, so you will easily find ways to communicate (past just winks and flirts 😉 ). Perhaps you will take up a new language as part of your travel and love with that foreign cutie.

Have Fun With It

Most of all remember that dating, online and offline, should be fun and not drag down your travel lifestyle. You might meet a match that would be a great personal tour guide for the day, but doesn’t lead to love – and that’s OK too. You never know how your perfect love match will come along and maybe that person that you meet in an online dating community will be the new exotic love fixation of your life. Interact with lots of matches in the locations that you will be traveling with and before you know it, you will find that special someone just right for your desires.

And if you’re down with it – be honest with your match (or matches) about your travel lifestyle. Perhaps you cater to important clients or are out of communication for long periods of time. Honesty can be the best policy to create a positive relationship that respects your travel life.

Utilize the Mobile Apps

Online dating communities today almost always have a mobile app to access your match information quickly. These mobile dating apps also give “push notifications” which will alert you with a sound or vibration (whatever you set) through your mobile device as soon as you receive a new communication or other interaction with a potential match. If you’re a frequent traveler, these mobile apps can help you connect with low data usage, and you also don’t have to navigate through a web browser to the dating community.

However you choose to access your chosen online dating community, know that frequent travel is never a hindrance to meeting the love of your life (or loves). Try one of the free trials on the dating community of your choice to get started on your journey today.

Get Started Today From Anywhere in the World

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#3It's Just LunchFree Trial

Additional Resources and Next Steps

Single Girl Looking for Love

Girl on a dock standing in the sun

This writer has been single for several years now, so I’m ready to meet someone! I haven’t really been actively looking for someone to date (and hopefully marry), and I also haven’t tried the online dating thing before. While I’m most excited to find a match, I am also excited to try an online dating site and to see what kind of fun I can have along the way.

Girl on a dock standing in the sun

My end goal of dating is really to meet a match that will lead to marriage. I have a strong faith background, so this attribute will be important to look for in a partner, and the ability to search for these preferences on a dating site. I’m not really interested in taking some big, long personality and preferences survey. I’m most interested in having access to a quality community rather than having a site choose potential matches on my behalf.

Choosing a Site

Through my writing with OBODs, I’ve become familiar with many different types of dating sites with very different member communities to connect with. I know myself pretty well – so I already am wanting to try either eHarmony or Elite Singles, both powerhouses with high rates of successful matching of the online dating communities.

I chose Elite Singles due to my education level and I believe I am also a “quality” partner. I am a little concerned about choosing a non-U.S. focused site, but I’m willing to take the chance on a more international site to find “quality” elite partners. We’ll see who I find!

Creating an Account

Creating my account was super simple! I signed up for a free, basic membership. The entire sign up process took less than three screens to complete, and one was just text. At no point did Elite Singles request payment information for this free account. On the first screen, they request your gender and the gender of the person you are looking for. You’ll note that there are only binary options – “female” and “male”-  to choose, so the site is behind in gender equality as we define it here in the U.S.

After selecting my gender and the gender I’m wanting to find, the next screen asks for your email address and to set a password for your new account. You click the little box to accept the Elite Singles Terms & Conditions, and then you click the Get Started button – that’s it! I was then in my new account and able to browse, create my profile, or take the short personality survey.

Setting Up a Profile

The first thing I wanted to do, rather than jumping right in to scrolling for matches, is to create my own profile page. The profile has several standard attributes that you can set to describe yourself: height, ethnicity, religion, desire to have children, smoking habits, education level, and languages spoken. While setting my matches preferences, if you set an attribute as “very important” the system actually puts an alert on it and advises you to not be so stringent. Kinda annoying, if a certain attribute IS very important to you.

Moving down the Elite Singles profile format, the next items I set up were Questions and Answers. These are conversation-sparking questions that you answer about yourself. I only did a few, but I learned later on that some singles do many of these questions. As I completed and saved my profile, an incorrectly entered occupation was flagged with an alert for incorrect information (somehow it said “graphic”?), so somebody at Elite Singles (or a computer) is checking the profiles for accurate information.

Finding Matches

Finding matches and actually interacting with other singles is where I’m really getting excited about Elite Singles. The preference choices on Elite Singles are pretty standard and include: age, height, your desire to have kids/no kids, education, income, language, smoking/drinking habits, ethnicity, and religion. I did notice that whenever I would make a change to my preferences, it instantly updates my matches that I receive to the inbox and default search. So that’s pretty seamless and helpful to updating who I get to meet.

One neat thing as I am interacting with profiles is that I can “like” sections of matches’ profiles – like or ask a message specifically about a certain profile section. This seems like a great way to connect on a topic or one of the Questions and Answers. I can’t see photos without a paying account, which is a bummer. I do like how every section of the potential matches’ profile shows you where you are compatible – how helpful to compatibility. Some people have really taken the time to fill out their profiles, while others are almost blank.

Talking to a Match

As a free member, I could only respond to premium members who messaged me first, so I may need to upgrade in order to really get talking with people on Elite Singles. For my first 14 matches that I received to my inbox – 3 were in the U.S. and the rest were in Canada. One potential match was in the state I’m in, but located over 8 hours away. I was unable to see any indication of when someone was last logged into the site.

While my online dating journey is just starting, I am glad that I chose Elite Singles to start with. Hopefully it’ll be the last site too 😉 And my overall impression of Elite Singles? This is going to take a while to actually talk with someone. There does seem to be a lot of quality, sweet guys on the site. I’m curious how long it will take for the interest I sent to be returned (at least by some). Time to log back in and check for new matches… Happy searching for your next true love too!

Additional Resources and Next Steps

5 Things You Need to Know About eHarmony Before You Sign Up

Screenshot of eHarmony free trial sign up

This online dating community is a real winner if you’re looking for that long-term, special love. Known as the number one trusted dating site, eHarmony is the one site you’ll want to sign up with for success. Members are active and collectively send over 2.3 million messages to each other, every single week!

Read on to see what you should know about this unique powerhouse of a dating site and what their great singles community can bring into your life. They are truly effective in matching for long term love.

Screenshot of eHarmony free trial sign up

Quality and Quantity at eHarmony

eHarmony is the best online dating site for algorithm-matches for both quality and quantity – so not only does eHarmony match you among several different preferences that you share at sign up time, but they also show you all of your matches, including those with lower ranks, so that you have the widest field of singles to choose from. This is different from almost every other online dating site, which usually focuses on either quantity or quantity; but not both.

Upon sign up, new eHarmony members complete a thorough (but not too long of course) compatibility survey that includes 32 unique dimensions, developed by the founders of eHarmony and also backed by millions of happy couple stories over the last twenty years of matching.

Backed by Science and <3

eHarmony’s scientific-backed matching approach is a patented system, established after many years of intense research into what really makes a relationship work. The dating site’s founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, has over 35 years of experience in helping people with successful relationships in his private clinical psychology practice. Taking his experience and bringing in others’ research, eHarmony has the very best foundation to help you find a compatible match.

If science doesn’t convince you to sign up – then all you have to do is look at eHarmony’s success stories and the high number of happy couples. eHarmony states that every 14 minutes, someone finds love on their site.

With the web’s largest online dating community and the slick compatibility dimensions to guide you, perhaps you could be the next  eHarmony success story 😉

What’s in a Name?

When you mention eHarmony’s name to the average U.S. adult – almost everyone has heard of eHarmony or they know someone who met on eHarmony (and is probably still together and happy!). In a survey of 1,600 adults online, eHarmony found that they were the most trusted online dating site. The survey also stated that eHarmony had the highest quality dating pool of all online dating communities.

What do they mean by a high quality dating pool? Well, first they set the tone for true, lasting love. As you probably know, some dating sites are all about the “swipe life” or hit it and quit it relationship – but not eHarmony. They have pages of dating advice to help you get to that long-term love, and their compatibility survey is long enough to weed out any losers.

Another unique feature of eHarmony is that they have a dedicated Trust and Safety team, with real people actively working to remove any fake or trolling profiles that don’t add a genuine person to the community. So every single person you see on eHarmony is a real person, looking for real long-term love! No games and no computer profiles.

eHarmony’s Great Support Team

On most online dating communities or apps, you feel like it’s just you in the dark, without anyone to help when you have a technical issue or maybe you’re not sure what to write on that elusive intro to your profile page. eHarmony has an entire team ready to support you in case any issues or questions come up.

Using an encrypted contact form that will send a receipt copy of the request to your email, eHarmony stands by ready to help with matches and contacting other singles; crafting your profile, subscription prices, the compatibility quiz and your results; technical support, and the Trust and Safety team. This site is working hard to meet any of your questions about online dating, so that you can easily and quickly get into the dating pool.

You’re Going to Want to Subscribe to eHarmony

Although eHarmony offers a great free trial subscription to let you take a peek at the site, you’re really going to want to pay for one of their subscription accounts once you see the site. The eHarmony Free Trial account lets you browse accounts and respond to paying members who initiate a message to you; but it doesn’t let you see member photos.

And it doesn’t let you take advantage of eHarmony’s Video Date feature! This is the very first online dating community that offers this fun and safe way to actually “meet” your matches over Video Date to really test the waters of your chemistry and conversation.

Paying members on eHarmony get a host of perks, and they do offer a few different account levels, starting at 6 months length. As we said – this is not a hit it and quit it site – this site is geared to long term relationships, and building those deep relationships take time. So be ready to pay for a 6, 12, or 18 month membership with a great value.

Know That eHarmony is One of the Best Online Dating Communities and you are almost guaranteed 100% success in finding someone, if you really take your profile and your conversations with intentionality. Take a look around with the eHarmony Free Trial – but we know you’ll want to upgrade! Sign up today with a free trial, which takes only a few steps and zero payment method to start. Find your true love with eHarmony.

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