“If you’re out there, come find me!” Well, call us weirdos if you want, but we know a lot of you out there were curious if Courtney from the Match.com commercials was a real person and we decided to put our detective skills to the test. Okay, we don’t really have any super-cool detective skills, but we know how to use google and we had a little too much free time on our hand. It surprisingly didn’t take us too long to figure out who match.com Courtney is.

According to the match.com commercial, her name is Courtney, she loves to travel, loves nice guys, and is looking for love. She ends the commercial by saying that if you’re out there and you match her criteria, you should come find her.

For those of you that are interested in seeing if you can locate her on the actual match.com profile (which you’ll need to do in order to try and get a date because we are not releasing any personal information here), here’s a link to a free match.com trial account that will get you started. We’ll tell you as well, there are a lot of other hotties on there, so even if you can’t find Courtney herself, you may enjoy what you see and you can look for free with the link we provided.  


So, Who is Match.com Courtney in the Real World?


Well, it looks like her name is in fact Courtney, but based on her website it looks like she might go by the nickname “Court.” She loves to travel and is a blogger that keeps track of all of her journeys on her website Carry On Court. Just a warning before you head there, the site loads nightmarishly slow so it might take you a minute to get things loaded up if you’re going to check it out. It’s probably all the high-resolution trip pictures and shots of her on the beach. 

Now, you’re probably wondering if this is actually her or if we just stumbled upon a lookalike who happened to have the same name as Courtney. Well, we have proof for you 🙂

Check out this picture from the Match.com stories commercial. 

courtney swimming with whales

(Images on page courtesy of Match.com)

And now, compare that with the main picture on Courtney’s blog post from Cebu, Philippines. Annnnnd, not just a lookalike. This is actually Courtney from the Match.com commercials. 

As far as details about who she is, we’re not going to dig into any of that because that’s creeper status and that’s not how we roll. The only reason we’re even sharing this is it’s clear she is trying to run a successful blog detailing her adventures and it looks like a lot of you might be interested in supporting her and following along.

We can provide you with some links, though, to check out her journeys and support her. 

Courtney from Match.com – Instagram

Courtney from Match.com – Facebook Blog Page

Courtney from Match.com – Blog Website

Her YouTube Channel – (There are some sweet dance moves in the second video from Iguazu)


Get Started on Match.com Today


If you want to try and score a date with Courtney or you’re looking for some other hotties that look just like her, you might want to start looking around at Match.com. The good news for those of you that aren’t sure if online dating is for you is that the link below will get you a free trial account where you can start searching through all of your matches. If you decide to upgrade to a paid account, the link will also get you up to 74% off which is pretty awesome. 

What do you have to lose?


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