The ultimate word of acceptance in the world of the internet – legit. If something is legit, it’s awesome. If it’s not legit, it’s trash. What we’d like to do today is answer the question is Christian Mingle legit? If you’ve been considering giving the faith-based Christian dating site a try, you’ve probably asked yourself if it’s worth your time and money. Today, we’re going to answer that question, give you a bunch of additional resources to help you decide, and even set you up with a free trial to check things out for yourself.


Christian Mingle – The No B.S. Scoop


So, is Christian Mingle legit? The answer is yes as long as you are looking for a faith-based relationship and you are looking for something that could turn into a serious relationship. If you’re just looking for a casual fling or aren’t religious, Christian Mingle is definitely not going to register very high on the legit scale for you. But, if you’re a Christian (any denomination) and you’re looking for something that could grow into a serious relationship, Christian Mingle is definitely legit.

Christian Mingle is an industry leader with a simple to use design and a lot of high-quality singles (both men and women) to choose from. We’ve seen stats in the past that they have well over 8 million members and counting. All 8 million are probably not active, but when we did our test searches during our Christian Mingle review we did find a ton of options in major and smaller cities.


The Christian Mingle Free Trial


While this is all great news, we do have some better news for you today. You don’t have to take our word for it. You can get a 100% free Christian Mingle trial account that will allow you to create your profile, search through photos and profiles of all of your potential matches, and even respond to messages from paying members. This means you can check out whether there are active members that you’re interested in before you even consider upgrading to a paid account.

If you’d like to start your Christian Mingle free trial, the button below will automatically set you up with a free trial account. No codes needed or any hoops to jump through. Click below and you’ll be taken to the site and your account will automatically be credited. Technology rocks, right?



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